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Musical Entertainment for the October 12 Bash?
1 RE: Who Do We Want to Provide Music?
02/27/13 07:51 AM by Kent Maynard, Jr.
1 RE: Who Wants to Help?
02/24/13 08:31 PM by Dan Shattil
1 Discounted Rooms at the Renaissance
02/23/13 03:27 PM by Kent Maynard, Jr.
0 None
1 NT West-only Reunion in August
02/23/13 04:11 PM by Kent Maynard, Jr.
For Die-Hard Partiers, we could arrange an outing to e.g. the House of Blues for Friday night . . .
0 None
1 RE: Do We Want to Give Something Back?
02/23/13 07:26 PM by Scott J. Rosen