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01/25/13 01:12 PM #1    


Kent Maynard, Jr.

Welcome to the New Trier East/New Trier West High School Class Of 1973 forums. Please press "Post Response" to participate in the discussion.

02/23/13 07:09 PM #2    


Kent Maynard, Jr.

I notice that a lot of people think they have to re-enter their names when they first join.  If your name is correct, don't change it, just flesh out your profile.  Otherwise your name may appear as "John Doe John Doe."  Which is fine fine by me me.


02/24/13 11:18 AM #3    


Kent Maynard, Jr.

Does anyone have access to a pdf copy of the yearbooks for NTE and NTW for 1973?

Can anyone get one?

I would have my copy of Echoes scanned but for the fact it died in a flooded basement 20 years ago.

02/24/13 06:59 PM #4    


Kent Maynard, Jr.

I really need a NT West grad to draft some NT West-specific questions for the Profiles . . . shoot me an email with a list of questions that would be good to direct specifically at Westies. (

02/24/13 09:12 PM #5    


Kent Maynard, Jr.

I have been getting emails asking me for a password to access the site.

I do not possess such Zeus-like power.

Here is how it works:

I cannot supply anyone with a password. Each class member sets his or her own password when he(she) first goes to the site, clicks "join," finds his(her) name, and updates the details and profile.

After that, you use the same password to log in.

I cannot see anyone's password.  However if you forget your password, I can, at your request, re-set the password to somethilng that we mtually agree on, to permit you to log back in.


Any questions let me know . . .


02/25/13 11:21 AM #6    


Marilyn S. Mercier (Musgjerd)

If someone has the 73 yearbook, or I can go to NTE, I will scan and put together the Power Point show. Anyone want to help?

02/27/13 08:15 AM #7    


Kent Maynard, Jr.

If anyone has a suggestion as to changes to the site or questions that should be added to the "Profile Generator" please shoot me an email at

Also, we still need a scanned pdf copy of the 1873 yearbooks.

Any help would be gratefully accepted.


02/27/13 10:37 AM #8    

David Orr

I've got a 1973 yearbook, and would be glad to let anyone borrow to scan.

03/01/13 01:45 PM #9    

Marjorie Nichols

as do i...the year book but much better to borrow from Mr. Orr

03/06/13 06:37 PM #10    


Marilyn S. Mercier (Musgjerd)

Where are you Mr. Orr ? I can meet you somewhere. I live in Wilmette. 


03/08/13 11:47 AM #11    

David Orr


I'm in Glenview, so we're close. Call Me: 224-616-9436

03/10/13 09:27 AM #12    


Kent Maynard, Jr.

Hey, guys, any word on when this might get done?

Tempus fugit,carpe diem, etc etc . . .

03/10/13 01:17 PM #13    


Marilyn S. Mercier (Musgjerd)

I am calling David now

03/15/13 08:35 PM #14    

David Orr

And she got hold of me just in time to say that she was going on vacation for two weeks...

09/10/13 02:50 AM #15    

Beth Quilici (Jonquil)

Kent, I'd be happy to welcome people for a bit.

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