NT Kids (Videos) (HOT)

Remember the Center?  Hey, hand me that canoe paddle, I have something to say (nice dance moves!):


Can you remember how many constitutional amendments there are?


If you do not remember the First Amendment, maybe this will jog your memory . . .  The "toast crashers" at a dinner where New Trier sought to honor Rahm Emanuel (watch how Emanuel responds by defending the hecklers' right to speak):


This is a very clever look at cliques at New Trier:


As I recall, the craziest kids at New Trier were always the swimmers.  What sane person voluntarily gets up every day at 5 am to spend an hour putting in more effort than was requred to win WW II?  This video proves the point.


Here's a tongue-in-cheek look at the perennial New Trier obsession: Getting into (a "good") college: