Alumni Awards

During the 2010-2011 school year, New Trier launched the Alumni Achievement Awards program, including a Young Alumnus Award category for extraordinary graduates younger than 40. Most of these honorees have returned to the school to share their memories in inspirational discussions with students at New Trier and at awards dinners hosted by the New Trier Educational Foundation. 

So far, nobody is from the Class of 1973. But the following attended while we were students: Edward Zwick, '70; Paul O. Zelinsky, '70; Christie A. Hefner, '70; Peter McNitt, '72; Susan Grant, '72; James Hackett, '72; Martha Minow, '72; Christine M. Ebersole, '72; Mary Lu Roffe, '72; Clifford J. Tabin, '72; Geoffrey Tabin, '74; Bobbi Brown, '75; Cliff Sloan, '75.

Nominees may range from well-known alumni to unsung heroes. The selection committee can consider only alumni whose names have been submitted, so don’t assume a famous alumnus or alumna has already been nominated. 

Recipients of the New Trier Township High School Alumni Achievement Awards must:

  • Be graduates of New Trier who have had outstanding careers, resulting in a direct and significant impact in their fields for a minimum of five years 
  • Demonstrate outstanding leadership, character, and service to the community 
  • Have school and career records that reflect the values of the New Trier motto: “To commit minds to inquiry, hearts to compassion, and lives to the service of humanity”

In addition, the District offers a Young Alumnus Award category. Anyone nominated in this category must:

  • Be younger than age 40 at the time of the nomination
  • Demonstrate potential for leadership in his or her chosen career and in service to the community
  • Reflect the values of the New Trier motto

The decision to award an honoree in any category, including the Young Alumnus category, is at the sole discretion of the Alumni Achievement Awards Selection Committee. The committee includes a current student, faculty members, administrators, alumni, and community members.   

Recipients of the New Trier Alumni Achievement Award also are inducted into the Alumni Hall of Honor, located near the second floor rotunda on the Winnetka Campus. The hall features plaques and an interactive touch screen monitor with information about the honorees.

Biographies of the honorees can be found at More information is available from the New Trier alumni website at

Here is a list of the honorees to date.

Hall “Cap” Adams Jr., '50           
Ann Compton, '65          
Chris Cox, '00          
William Hohengarten, '78          
Walter McDougall, '64          
Peter McNitt, '72          
Mark Olsky, '62           
Liz Phair, '85          
Matthew Polenzani, '86            
Cliff Sloan, '75            
Shawn Robinson, '96          
James F. Collins, '57           
Christine M. Ebersole, '72           
Peter B. Henry, '87           
William K. Kellogg III, '48           
Mark S. Kirk, '77           
Michael J. Pyle, '57            
Mary Lu Roffe, '72            
Sarah D. Ruhl, '92           
Michael A. Shamberg, '62            
Clifford J. Tabin, '72            
Paul O. Zelinsky, '70                

Bruce Alberts, '56            
Bobbi Brown, '75          
Steve Fickinger, '78          
Susan Grant, '72          
James Hackett, '72          
Mary-Claire King, '63          
W. James McNerney Jr., '67.          
Bonnie Stern Miller, '66          
Thomas Miller, '56          
Scott Turow, '66

Michael Alter, '79           
Ann-Margret, '59          
Rahm Emanuel, '77          
Alan Krensky, '69          
Thomas Miller, '66          
Martha Minow, '72          
Michael S. Rogers, '77          
James Sprayregen, '78          
James Collins Warren, '42          
Edward Zwick, '70               

Todd R. Golub, '81      
Anna D. Halprin, '38     
Samuel R. Harris, '54     
Christie A. Hefner, '70     
Arthur C. Nielsen Jr., '37     
Donald H. Rumsfeld, '50     
Jack Steinberger, '38     
Geoffrey Tabin, '74     
Richard S. Williamson, '67     
Rainn Wilson, '84