John F. Temmerman

Profile Updated: July 9, 2015
Residing In: Skokie, IL USA
Spouse/Partner: Tina Temmerman
Occupation: Caregiver for my wife; jazz musician and teacher,
Children: Joe, born 1985
Did you attend New Trier East, or New Trier West?

New Trier East


had a satisfying business career, culminating in a Controllership role until I retired to help my wife with her mobility. Starting in the early 90's, took up my horns again, developed pro-level skills and have had and continuing a fulfilling career as a jazz musician and music teacher.

School Story:

Well, Mr. Streightiff's marching band was so bad people would go out for sports so they wouldn't march. I wasn't real athletic, so I was stuck. It ruined me for that in college, too. One of my few regrets was not doing a year in the marching Illini.

Who was your favorite teacher at New Trier? Why?

I liked Miss Clendening, although I gave her a hard time. My last 2 math teachers, Mr. Benson and Mr. Lindley were great.

What is your favorite memory of New Trier?

getting into stage band my senior year and orchestra my junior year are a dead heat.

rocking out as a guest soloist with HIgh Sierra was close, being a regular in the Gross Point Blues Band.

What is your LEAST favorite memory of NT?

cliques, not having enough dates, etc.

Who was the most attractive girl in our class (other than yourself)?

I'm not answering that

Did you learn anything at New Trier that later proved to be useful? If so, what?

I wish I'd paid more attention and listened more to Miss Clendening. She was a superior musician.

The other things were music things:

1. Loud rock musicians use ear plugs when perofrming

2. The keys that are easy for the horn players are not the ones that the guitar players like to play. I had to shed a lot to keep up.

Were you at the flag pole in front of NTE on the day that a group of students attempted to lower the flag to half-mast to protest the war in Viet Nam?


Can you name any of our classmates who have gone on to become well-known actors of stage and screen (both big and small)?

Scott Jaeck

What was the make and model of the car you drove in HS? Do you ever miss it now?

a beater station wagon that was always getting broken down

Did any of your children attend New Trier?


Which of the following can be found in a dark corner of your closet?

none of the above

Who were the starting five players on the NTE basketball team that went downstate in our senior year?

John Castino Mike Allen Jim Cassidy Derek Kilimnick and Frank Moran

Which Class member was Rookie of the Year for the Minnesota Twins?

John Castino

Which Class member is an actor who in his early days collaborated with Steve Buscemi?

Mark Heidrick Boone

Did your father attend New Trier?


Did your mother attend New Trier?


In recent years, New Trier has increasingly been described as "too big" and "too competitive." Has NT changed?

I didn't think it was too big, I had my friends. it sure was competitive in the music groups, but, hey, there were a lot of heavy players.

Did you suffer hearing loss by attending a rock concert at The International Amphitheatre? Which one(s)?

I went to wrestling at the Ampitheatre when I was in college

If you could go back and do high school all over, what would you do differently?

studied a little harder my first 2 years; ask more girls on dates

How do you describe yourself politically?

Raging Liberal

What are your vices?


Do you believe in God?


All things considered, was Nixon a good, or a bad President?

He was bad

Did you ever listen to WNTH?


During your years at New Trier, were you described as a "jock," or a "freak"? Was the label accurate?

I was a musician, maybe a bit nerdy

In response to criticism of the "jock" or "freak" question as too narrow, we provide additional labels to choose from. At NT, I was labelled (rightly or wrongly):

A brain

Are all kids who lived on the North Shore and went to New Trier spoiled whiny elitist brats who had everything handed to them on a silver platter? (Just asking.)

No, I was never whiny

Remember when the NTE Pep Club used to paint the Native-American bas-relief motifs at the Indian Hill train station in bright colors before homecoming? Does that knowledge make you a dinosaur? Why aren't there any Trevians to paint?

I never figured out what the heck a Trevian was.

Were you a member of the Trevian Numismatic Society? Are you willing to admit that and explain what you did?

No, but Charlie Karukstis likely was

Who was the most memorable coach you had in a sport at New Trier? Did Coach Kruempelstaedter teach you how to dislocate a shoulder? Can you recite Coach Fly's "they put their jockstraps on one leg at a time" speech? What inspirational "this is your day" speech can you recall?

Fred Barney for Spartan Gym was ok...

What exactly is a Trevian? How does a Trevian compare to a cowboy, an Indian, a badger, or a buckeye? What makes a Trevian a good mascot?

a trevian is not a good mascot, just pc

Are you aware that there was a full-blown scandal -- involving the otherwise inactive Winnetka Police -- to investigate sexting at New Trier? Do you sleep more soundly at night knowing that the Winnetka Police is ensuring that smart phones are not used to transmit photos of students' naughty bits?

Yes, I am aware of it, and I am horrified. Kids these days . . .

Have you ever experienced an epiphany? Where? When? What did you learn?

When I picked up the tenor sax in my 30s and discovered it was MY voice

Describe a moment of supreme happiness in your life that did NOT involve sex, drugs or rock and roll.

Marrying my wife. We're still in love 30 years later

Are you still basically the same person you were in high school? If not, and you have changed, how have you changed? Have you changed for the better?

I'm older, wiser and more laid back.

HELLO MY NAME IS . . . Are you comfortable with the process of aging?

Yeah, it sure beats the alternative

How did you feel about New Trier during your attendance there?

I loved some things, and hated others

How did you perceive New Trier after your first year of college? Did you feel that by going to college you had taken a step up, or down?

College was easy compared to New Trier

How did you choose your profession?

The same way I chose my spouse - solely for love

Which Junior High did you attend?

Other SS Faith Hope & Charity

What higher formal education have you completed?


What institutions of higher learning have conferred a degree upon you?

University of Illinois, University of Chicago

In which Village did you reside at the time you graduated from New Trier?


While at New Trier, did you participate in the Center for Self-Directed Learning?


What happened to the idealism that was so prevalent in the late 60s and early 70s?

It was snuffed out by harsh economic realities

The best thing about growing up in the North Shore was . . .

Going to New Trier

My innermost circle of close friends at New Trier included, and I would often be seen in the company of . . .

The following classmates from New Trier East: Charles Crump

Do you remember the first time you slow-danced with a girl/boy/forest nymph at a New Trier party? If so (don't lie to us), who was he(she)(it)? Did he(she)(it smell of fresh-cut grass, open skies, and warm wool-sweater? Will you ever forget that moment? Who was it? (We won't tell.)

No. I can't remember, but I am sure it wasn't Chris Robling

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Freedom Jazz Dance

Freedom Jazz Dance performed by the John Temmerman Quartet at the Custer Fair in Evanston, Il on June 17, 2012

John Temmerman, Tenor Sax
Steven Hashimoto, Bass
Rusty Jones, Drums
Steve Ramsdell, Guitar

Eddie Harris, composer

James Hawes, Video
Jean Pressel, Video

Posted with permission of Seventh House, LTD.

John Temmerman's CDs are available at and
and available for download from Itunes, Rhapsody and