Glenn R. Holcomb

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Glenn R. Holcomb
Residing In: Waukegan, IL USA
Spouse/Partner: Marjorie
Occupation: Spent over 25 years as a television news photographer, editor, live truck operator (microwave and satellite trucks) for a CBS affiliate, then for an ABC owned and operated (O&O). Currently working on starting my own photography business.
Children: Angel, born 2005

Yeah, I got a late start. Took a long time to find Marjorie (Angel's mom).
Yes! Attending Reunion
Did you attend New Trier East, or New Trier West?

New Trier East

Who was your favorite teacher at New Trier? Why?

I'm not sure about favorite.
I remember home room teachers Mr Gregory and Mr Hamm. Geometry with Mr Whipple. English with Miss Nesbit. Shop with Mr Matteson.

Mr Gregory was freshman year. I don't remember what year Mr Hamm was my homeroom teacher, but at the end of the year he invited all his homeroom students to his apartment in Evanston(?). That was a great experience, though I'm having trouble articulating why. I think meeting my teacher in an informal setting with my classmates made me feel more mature.

Did you inhale?


What is your favorite memory of New Trier?

New Trier East was literally right across the street from my house. Travel time to and from school: virtually zero.

What is your LEAST favorite memory of NT?

Well, I think I kinda felt lonely. I don't remember really making any friends. I don't think I related to many people.

Who was the most attractive guy in our class (other than yourself)?

Didn't really notice.

Did you learn anything at New Trier that later proved to be useful? If so, what?

Well, probably a lot. I presume I spent 4 years there for some reason. Attaching specific things learned in school to specific applications later in life is kind of hard to do for me. Especially after all this time.

Did any of your children attend New Trier?


What did the protesters in Grant Park chant when charged by police during the 1968 Democratic National Convention?

What? We were still in grade school in '68. Trick question?

Which of the following can be found in a dark corner of your closet?

none of the above

Did your father attend New Trier?


Did your mother attend New Trier?


What varsity sport(s) did you play at New Trier?

I wasn't a sports guy.

In recent years, New Trier has increasingly been described as "too big" and "too competitive." Has NT changed?

I don't remember it being competitive. It is certainly big. When I went to NTE, it was the high school across the street from my house. I don't think it ever occurred to me whether or not it was too big.

Did you suffer hearing loss by attending a rock concert at The International Amphitheatre? Which one(s)?

Never went to a rock concert.

If you could go back and do high school all over, what would you do differently?

Apply myself more diligently. I can't recall exactly how I felt all those years ago. Looking back, I feel like I felt kind of lost at sea. I didn't have a good idea of what I was going to do when I got out of school, so I didn't know what I was preparing for.

How do you describe yourself politically?


What are your vices?


Do you believe in God?


Unless you think it's none of anybody's goddam business, how would you describe your sexual orientation?

exclusively heterosexual

Are all kids who lived on the North Shore and went to New Trier spoiled whiny elitist brats who had everything handed to them on a silver platter? (Just asking.)

No, I was never whiny

Girls, do you know the whereabouts of your naked posture picture? How were such pictures used? Why were such pictures not also taken of the boys?

What? Girls had naked posture pictures take? At New Trier? Where are they? And, how were they used? Was this an official school function?

A little quick research finds several articles on the phenomena on the Internet. Apparently, the practice of photographing nude students took place at Ivy League universities from as early as the late 1800s until the early 1970s. One article mentions that some"progressive high schools" also participated.

Please explain why boys swam naked in gym class at NT. Include in your explanation why girls, by contrast, wore bathing suits. If you need some inspiration, see and

Well, as I recall, the story was that boys swam naked to save the school money on laundering the swimsuits.

I presume that girls wore swimsuits because the swim instructors/coaches were male.

Describe a moment of supreme happiness in your life that did NOT involve sex, drugs or rock and roll.

WINNING THE LOTTERY! Oh, wait. That wasn't me...

Are you still basically the same person you were in high school? If not, and you have changed, how have you changed? Have you changed for the better?

I guess the key word in this question is "basically." I would like to think that along the way to getting a little older, that I also got a little wiser.

Like the saying goes, "Ah, to be young again...but know what I know now!"

HELLO MY NAME IS . . . Are you comfortable with the process of aging?

No, it totally sucks, and I will be wearing a big nametag at the Reunion

How did you perceive New Trier after your first year of college? Did you feel that by going to college you had taken a step up, or down?

College was hard compared to New Trier

How did you choose your profession?

The same way I chose my spouse - solely for love

Which Junior High did you attend?

Joseph Sears (Kenilworth)

What higher formal education have you completed?

I can't remember

In which Village did you reside at the time you graduated from New Trier?


The best thing about growing up in the North Shore was . . .

Other Well, it certainly felt like a safe community. Especially looking back on it. It was a great area to ride a bike in since there were sidewalks and streets that weren't very busy. I spent quite a bit of time cruising up and down the bike path by the Chicago and Northwestern tracks (now Metra). I liked living a few blocks away from Lake Michigan. I lived about 3 blocks from Joseph Sears and New Trier was right across the street from my house.

My innermost circle of close friends at New Trier included, and I would often be seen in the company of . . .

The following classmates from New Trier East: I recall that I was a loner. I didn't really feel like I fit in with any groups and I wasn't really a joiner.

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