Cindy Turley Gentles

Profile Updated: March 24, 2013
Cindy Turley
Residing In: Winnetka, IN USA
Children: Sam, born 1985, Charlie, born 1987, Katie, born 1992
Yes! Attending Reunion
Did you attend New Trier East, or New Trier West?

New Trier East

Which of the following can be found in a dark corner of your closet?

none of the above

Did your father attend New Trier?


Did your mother attend New Trier?


If you could go back and do high school all over, what would you do differently?


How do you describe yourself politically?


During your years at New Trier, were you described as a "jock," or a "freak"? Was the label accurate?


In response to criticism of the "jock" or "freak" question as too narrow, we provide additional labels to choose from. At NT, I was labelled (rightly or wrongly):

None of the above, I was too cool for pat categories

Are you aware that there was a full-blown scandal -- involving the otherwise inactive Winnetka Police -- to investigate sexting at New Trier? Do you sleep more soundly at night knowing that the Winnetka Police is ensuring that smart phones are not used to transmit photos of students' naughty bits?

No, I was not aware of it - Was Chris Robling involved?

Have you ever experienced an epiphany? Where? When? What did you learn?


Describe a moment of supreme happiness in your life that did NOT involve sex, drugs or rock and roll.


Are you still basically the same person you were in high school? If not, and you have changed, how have you changed? Have you changed for the better?


HELLO MY NAME IS . . . Are you comfortable with the process of aging?

Other x

Which Junior High did you attend?

Central (Glencoe)

What higher formal education have you completed?

Bachelor's Degree with major in: History

In which Village did you reside at the time you graduated from New Trier?


While at New Trier, did you participate in the Center for Self-Directed Learning?


What happened to the idealism that was so prevalent in the late 60s and early 70s?

Other: x

The best thing about growing up in the North Shore was . . .

Other x

My innermost circle of close friends at New Trier included, and I would often be seen in the company of . . .

I am taking the 5th

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