James Alder

Profile Updated: September 15, 2013
Residing In: Reno, NV USA
Spouse/Partner: none at this time.
Homepage: www.alderproperties.com
Occupation: Real Estate Sales and Mangement
Children: Jonathan 17, 6'3" 195lbs. Ski team, swim team, tennis team. Very smart and good looking, takes after More…his mom.
Did you attend New Trier East, or New Trier West?

New Trier East


Seems odd that I have a 40th reunion as I'm not 40 yet.....am I?

School Story:

Moved to Reno, NV fall of 1973. Sold motorcycles (Honda) for a couple of years, acquired real estate license in 1975. Opened own company February 1984.
Still ride motorcycles, golf, tennis. Primary recreational interest is vintage sportscar racing. Been campaigning a 1952 Jaguar in west coast racing events since 1982. Great fun....though impractical at times.

Who was your favorite teacher at New Trier? Why?

I think Mr. Brink.....world history. though I do not remember much about my teachers as I was not paying very close attention...unfortunately. As I haved aged I have developed and interest in history and archaeology, somewhat inspired by Mr. Brink

Did you inhale?


What is your favorite memory of New Trier?


What is your LEAST favorite memory of NT?

Breakfast club.

Who was the most attractive girl in our class (other than yourself)?

There were many pretty girls........Linda Ashley comes to mind. Always had a thing for her along with the rest of the class. Oh, and I think I thought Gigi Buffington was particularily sexy and nice to look at

Did you learn anything at New Trier that later proved to be useful? If so, what?

Only afterwards have I learned that I should have taken advantage of the educational opportunities. Though doing poorly at NT has still provided me a better all around education than that of many others.

Were you at the flag pole in front of NTE on the day that a group of students attempted to lower the flag to half-mast to protest the war in Viet Nam?


What was the make and model of the car you drove in HS? Do you ever miss it now?

Triumph TR4, yes.

Did any of your children attend New Trier?


Which of the following can be found in a dark corner of your closet?

none of the above

Who were the starting five players on the NTE basketball team that went downstate in our senior year?

Bill Major maybe?? Mike Allen maybe??

Did your father attend New Trier?


Did your mother attend New Trier?


What varsity sport(s) did you play at New Trier?

Smoking, though quit in 1980!

In recent years, New Trier has increasingly been described as "too big" and "too competitive." Has NT changed?


If you could go back and do high school all over, what would you do differently?


How do you describe yourself politically?


What are your vices?


Do you believe in God?

Not sure

Did you ever listen to WNTH?


In response to criticism of the "jock" or "freak" question as too narrow, we provide additional labels to choose from. At NT, I was labelled (rightly or wrongly):

None of the above, I was too cool for pat categories

Unless you think it's none of anybody's goddam business, how would you describe your sexual preferences?

exclusively heterosexual

Are all kids who lived on the North Shore and went to New Trier spoiled whiny elitist brats who had everything handed to them on a silver platter? (Just asking.)

No, I was never whiny

Please explain why boys swam naked in gym class at NT. Include in your explanation why girls, by contrast, wore bathing suits. If you need some inspiration, see http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=55 and http://voices.yahoo.com/the-demise-high-school-nude-swimming-8669909.html.

Must ask Mr. Sandusky.

Are you aware that there was a full-blown scandal -- involving the otherwise inactive Winnetka Police -- to investigate sexting at New Trier? Do you sleep more soundly at night knowing that the Winnetka Police is ensuring that smart phones are not used to transmit photos of students' naughty bits?

Not aware, but I am grateful that the Winnetka Police had something to do for a while

Describe a moment of supreme happiness in your life that did NOT involve sex, drugs or rock and roll.

Had to take summer school in 72....was kind of coming of age time for me....I know, tmi.

HELLO MY NAME IS . . . Are you comfortable with the process of aging?

Yeah, it sure beats the alternative

How did you feel about New Trier during your attendance there?

I loved some things, and hated others

How did you perceive New Trier after your first year of college? Did you feel that by going to college you had taken a step up, or down?

Isn't New Trier a college?

Which Junior High did you attend?

Howard (Wilmette)

In which Village did you reside at the time you graduated from New Trier?


While at New Trier, did you participate in the Center for Self-Directed Learning?

I don't recall

What happened to the idealism that was so prevalent in the late 60s and early 70s?

It disappeared when women went back to wearing bras and guys cut their hair

The best thing about growing up in the North Shore was . . .

Living under an enormous canopy of old-growth trees

My innermost circle of close friends at New Trier included, and I would often be seen in the company of . . .

The following classmates from New Trier East: Phil Cleland, John Burnet, Mark Kramer, Ned Byerson

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James Alder has a birthday today.
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James Alder has a birthday today.
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James Alder has a birthday today.
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James Alder has a birthday today.
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James Alder has a birthday today.
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James Alder posted a message.
Mar 15, 2014 at 2:16 PM

Just busy with the trials and tribulations of my work. However, on the fun side of things my golf game is improving. Bought new driver which seems to be working OK. And, just finishing up a 66 e-type which has been a 8 year project. Should be starting today. Fingers crossed. It was enjoyable to see all at the reunion. Cheers, ja

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Apr 15, 2014 at 1:33 AM

Posted on: Mar 15, 2014 at 2:03 PM

Hi Trish, This is Jim Alder.
i don't think I saw you at the reunion.
Hope you are well. Hi to Alec.
Cheers for now.

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